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Sweet Blessings


Sweet Blessings  ePACKET ePP717

With this stunning and colourful Bumble Bee, I tried to portray how important he is to our survival, as we need both Bees and Flowers to survive.


I hope you enjoy inking this bee, going step by step to create this beauty. It's really relaxing to ink!

About Wendy

Wendy says, “Out of everything that I do, this is one of my favourite things! I love teaching decorative painting and demonstrating painting techniques for so many enthusiastic painters. And I have definitely made a great many friends along the way. I’m incredibly lucky to have some of my good friends accompany me as I travel, teach and participate in Arts & Crafts trade shows. I have a very wonderful family: a devoted husband, two sons and a daughter, and seven grandchildren. I have been painting for most of my life, and for the past 18 years, I’ve operated Wendy's Way decorative painting studio in Lively, Ontario, Canada.”


Wendy teaches decorative painting classes on canvas, glass and fabric, holds painting workshops and ZOOM online painting classes. She has over 650+ published designs and sells many of her art patterns online, does painting conventions and travel teaches. Wendy really enjoys her 'Paint Away' weekends in various Ontario locations! Please enjoy looking through her designs, and we hope you have fun painting Wendy’s Way!