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YouTube Videos

Looking for a video where you can follow along, then pause while you catch up, plus see and hear how it’s all done? This is where you can watch how it’s done step by step.


Scroll through the many instruction videos posted here. Watch this space for more of Wendy’s painting videos!

Miss Freckles Finishing
April 25, 2024
Windswept Part 1
Windswept Part 2
Raspberry Bordeaux Part 1
Raspberry Bourdeau Pt 2
Castaway Part 1
Castaway part 2
Picture This Part 1
"Picture This" pt 2
Merry Puppins
Winter Wonderland Part 1
Winter Wonderland Part 2A
Winter Wonderland part 2B
Winter Wonderland part 3
Wait Santa Wait
Something About Santa part 1
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